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The task of Tile Installation might seem easy to some and to others not so much. But depending on the situation a few square tiles in a small area might be do able for the DIY enthusiast. In reality to get a beautiful tile job one should leave it up to the professionals.

In order to get that sweet job it takes a Pro with much experience and many special tools. As a result you do not have to lift heavy tiles and try to figure everything out. Such as preparing the surface the mastic, how to layout the tile, how to cut the tiles properly and grouting. 

Getting your tiles perfectly square

Try getting your tile installation perfectly square can be a challenge. Because of this we use special spacers and years of experience and professional techniques. It might seem easy on paper as they say. 

Generally the floor is not perfectly flat and as a result applying your tiles square takes a pro. Another challenge is that your walls not not square to the room in all directions, haven’t seen a perfectly square room yet.

Also when you throw in the mastic part getting your tiles square is even harder. If you want a great tile job then give us a call for a free consultation.

Laying out tiles when intersecting with walls

When laying out your floor tiles you must keep in mind if wall tiles are going to be butting up to them. As a result you must keep in mind the doors, tub or shower. Also if you choose to use different size tiles and then putting this whole thing together so it looks nice.

Sometimes when choosing the tiles some are different thicknesses so one has to keep that in mind. If you go with odd shapes then throw that into the mix as well.  When choosing tiles and grout color make sure you pick a either the same color or a contrasting color.

Here at Sheldon’s Handyman we are experienced at tile installation and have all the proper tools so call us today!


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Rectangle Tiles the Latest Craze

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The latest craze is the rectangle tiles.  For instance six inch by twenty four or twelve inch by twenty four inches. Similarly there are some odd size rectangles as well. Therefore these sizes can be installed all in a line or staggered. If your rotten bathroom floor includes tiling then the larger tiles wok better.

When choosing your bathroom floor tile rectangle is a great option. Although you need to consider the surface. For instance the smooth shiny finish can be very slippery. Therefore be mindful of this as we don’t want any body falling.

Some of these tiles are slip resistant so be sure to think about this in your tile installation selection process.

Think about the color of the grout

The grout color is quite important. Above all else it can make or break your look. Do you want it similar color or some form of contrast.  For instance maybe you want it black or a very dark color so as to not show the dirt. In conclusion gout comes in different forms and many colors so take everything into consideration when choosing. However if you need help handyman service can assist you in all this process.
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Choose the grout widths between tiles

Tile layout Image
I know the questions never seem to stop. Although we are almost through the selection phase. In other words  just hang in here and we will get through this. In conclusion this is the last tile installation decision on the table.  Therefore the standard size gaps are one eighth inch one quarter inch However one quarter inch is probably the most common for floor tiling. Similarly one eighth inch is pretty common for counters and backsplashes. In addition your shower walls with subway tiles are usually ones eighth inch as well. however if you are having a tough time deciding or not sure how  it will look then we can help you with these decisions.

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