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Rotten bathroom Floor

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So you have a soft Floor

Rotten Bathroom Floor is not so good but the longer you wait to repair it the worse it gets.  Therefore about the only solution is to pull up the flooring and replace all the rotten areas then put all back together.

In other words if your floor is squeaking sagging and has soft spots when you put weight on it then it most likely has some rot. for instance this generally occurs around the toilet and along the front of the tub or shower.

therefore this job can be a big challenge as the toilet has to be removed the subflooring needs to be cut out and as a result just call us to take care of this for you and not stress about it any longer.

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You are not the only one that got this problem

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Most people tend to procrastinate on having there floor repaired early on. As a result the problem just keeps escalating into what can be a huge repair.

However the causes for the floor rot are typically one of three things. Above all first the area around the toilet rots as dampness and condensation persist.

Similarly second the areas along the tub or shower continually get run off from shower curtains or lack of them doing a very good job. In addition third leaky plumbing from under the vanity sink. 

A Little About Completing Your Project

The first step is to remove the toilet and then the vanity if necessary. After that we remove those we usually get a better idea of the job at ahead. Next we will cut into the floor where is is soft.

Generally we cut a small hole into the floor so as to get a better idea of how big the rotten area is. We then keep cutting the bad areas out until we get all ot it. As a result we could only cut out a few square feet and then again it could require that we cut much of the entire floor out.

In addition to when we cut we are going down through all the subflooring and decking and eventually replacing all those boards as they contain rot and we want all the rot removed. 

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It is possible the dampness and rot are into the walls

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Sometimes as we continue to remove all the wet wood that it has crawled up into the walls. Therefore because of this we would have to tear the sheet rock off the walls where it is wet and dry those areas out. However you can always count on Sheldon’s Handyman to handle your projects. Therefore depending on the situation we might only have to dry those areas out and apply a preservative. However in other cases we would have to remove the wall studs and replace them if they are rotten. In other words many times the rot migrates under the tub or shower and depending on what access we have to under the floor as to whether we have to pull the tub or shower.
Often the floor joists need to be replaced or Sister Joists installed

In a large number of cases we have to replace the existing floor joists. In other words in some cases we can just attach sister joists. However this can get into a pretty extensive job. Similarly depending again on what’s under the floor. Home Handyman is very experienced in replacing bathroom floors.

In conclusion whether its on the ground floor and we are working in a crawl space or if it is on a second floor and no access from underneath.  In other words things like a heater under the floor or a unreachable situation can really complicate the situation. However rest assured no matter the situation we will take care of you. 

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After the tear out we begin the rebuilding steps
Putting the Bathroom floor back together Image

Depending the severity of the project we begin the steps of replacing the rotten wood with new wood. however because of this your entire Rotten Bathroom Floor will be replaced with new sturdy wood.

in conclusion we cut no corners in replacing everything properly. And this includes the appropriate joists and subflooring. After that we have replaced all the damaged areas we will reassemble your bathroom. in addition to including installing new vinyl flooring and molding.

Therefore if we had to tear into the walls then we will replace the drywall then texture and paint.  Above all of course we replace and mount your
toilet including caulking around the base. 

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